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Your opinion re: checking valves

Old 11-20-2006, 06:16 AM
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Your opinion re: checking valves

I'm not lazy but don't feel like tearing into the front end unless I really need to.
Bike has 31,000 miles on it. I have put the last 9,000 miles on it.
Previous owner had checked/adjusted (?) the valves a few thousand miles before I bought it.
SO, it has been somewhere around 12,000 +/- miles since.
I pulled the gas tank off and checked the back cylinder last night.
All was fine. Two valves were about .0005" tight.
(One intake and on exhaust was about 1/2 a thousandth tight)

Given what you know here, should I go through the hassle of checking the front?
There is no ticking, clicking, knocking, etc. Nothing to lead me to believe there is any problem. Just burning some down time tinkering with the bike

Your opinion?

And FWIW, the Shella Rotella 15W40 is doing a good job - at least as far as deposits and crud build-up.
The inside of the engine is clean as a pin.
Everything looks really nice in there!

Thanks guys.
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Old 11-24-2006, 05:09 AM
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I'd check it myself. Wait for the next rainy weekend and just get it out of the way and you won't need to give it another thought for sometime.
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Old 11-24-2006, 05:38 PM
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I agree with 99 - as long as you're in there get it out of the way but based on what you've found so far, I would expect very little. When lifters go tight - too tight - you don't hear them anymore. I remember my first engine with solids and an older mechanic telling me, "You worry when it DOESN'T clatter!"

I have two similar situations with Shell Rotella. First the 'Hawk: When I first got it, the shift from first to second was like popping knuckles - it didn't just suck right in. The gear wanted to bobble across a couple teeth before dropping in. After reading the positive reports here, my first oil change was to Rotella. Within a hundred miles the shift improved very noticably. It just sucks right up into second - no bobble - no popping teeth - nothing! And with the filter the guys reco'd from W-mart the whole oil change cost me ten bucks! I did have to grind a little out of the chin fairing but all that was discussed here in the forum so that was no surprise. Dremel makes such a good little tool. :-D

The other situation was the VFR. What a pig. You can't imagine how a motorcycle could get this dirty and this f*cked up in 3k miles. Sure the bike is ten years old but you would have thought somebody would have given it a bath. Shifting into low from neutral was next to impossible. I would sit at a stop and literally bang my foot on the peg to get it in. I only drove it enough to get everything good and stirred up down there and then brought in back to the shop and dropped the oil. There was plenty in it and it wasn't as black as I expected. After doing the oil/filter change I took the bike out for about 80 mile run Thursday morning. I bombed around on the new toll road system because I had never been up there (much of it is elevated) and resolved to myself that indeed the bike is ten years old and only had five gears. I pulled on the shifter more than once thinking my r's were too high for the speed but there was nothing more there. I got to thinking about this later and things just did not add up. 5 gears? No way! The shift into first improved immediately so I was very happy with that. Now just the weight of my foot and it drops right in so I was plenty happy to get just that. Today I took it out on some errands and guess what? I was shifting my way up onto the freeway and there wasn't much traffic so I just ran her up through the gears. I just shifted up until I couldn't anymore and it didn't sound any different than it had in the past. As I came up into the far left lane I glanced down at the speedo and holy **** I was going 95! When I got down to the parts store I counted the gears as I was coming down. Sure enough there really were six!!!

I am impressed! As I said on the other thread, I have been using this stuff in my Dodge Diesel since it was new in '92 but never believed it was good for hi perf bikes! I read what the Shell chemist said but to you, my brothers - I salute! :-D :-D :-D
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Old 11-28-2006, 08:15 AM
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Valve clearances tend to get tighter over time, not looser. This is due to wear of the valve faces and seats. Exhaust in particular, due to high heat.

Check them. .0005 too tight is too tight. If you burn a valve and seat, its going to get expensive.
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