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4 feet 3 inches

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4 feet 3 inches

4 feet 3 inches was the sideways movement of a front end slide I had today in a moderate speed left hand "u turn" on a limited access highway.
The roads in Austin Texas seem especially slick of late...drifting the rear just pulling out of a parking lot, or at a left, right turn is an every day deal lately..

But this is the first time I have had the front in slide away, and it was under mild throttle mid corner, not tip in, not under braking, or wacking the throttle open, just a moderate roll on and away it went.. it was so entertaining and unexpected i took the time to go to the next turn around and go back to see what happened.

Looks like pretty standard asphalt and the tire left a nice light black sideways stripe as it went.... so did the back after I got on it a bit to smooth out the slide. Tried to get pics but they did not really show anything you can see in them no matter how I tried to enhance afterwards.

My point? Experience and comfort with a slide is the only thing that saved me from a nasty highside, or a hard low side. It slid and I just went with it.. going for the ride.

I do accident reviews, reconstruction and expert testimony so I "see" a lot of crashes.. all to often a slide results in chopping the throttle or brake use which makes it worse and down the rider goes.
The Survival reaction (SR) is strong with a slide and if not comfortable with it.. and unfortunately, the human nature SR as wrong as it is, is to "arrest" the slide by slowing or getting off the throttle,, worst thing to do.

For the most part motorcycle are self correcting, just ride it out.. it is the Nut behind the handlebars that screws things up.

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I agree Erik, chopping the throttle when sliding is a recipe for disaster. Most slides from the rear can be successfully addressed with a constant throttle tapering to neutral as the slide runs its course and the rom drops. Front end slides can be many times successfully addressed with a slight and gradual roll on of the throttle until the rear starts to slide then a gentle taper to neutral throttle... You rock dude!
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Rear end slide is one thing, front is something else...

Good on ya for riding it out.
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Power on I say.

Coming from an MX background years ago and riding Enduro off and on until I was 52 and had to decide to stop as my body was finding it hard to keep up with the young fellas I feel compelled to give my take on slides!

On more than one occasion on my VTR I have felt the front let go and just put my foot down ala dirt style and accelerated.

It's the right thing to do, ride through it and keep going, it's all part of the fun.

It has taken me years to learn that powering on is the best thing to do in squirrelly circumstances and even if you only save yourself once from a crash you are in front.

Try it !

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Well take off, eh.
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I am sure I'm not teaching anyone anything new, but, just as a reminder, where you look, even before the slide begins, will determine the end result.

If you're looking at the front wheel, and SR kicks in, as very well explained by Erik, down you go.
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