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Cool F***ing A**holes

Was on my way back home in my cage with some groceries. Coming downhill on a 2 lane residential street posted at 40mph. I'ts a newer area so the streets are fairly wide.

Coming towards me is a car being passed around a bend by and AHole on his Sportster. I had to evade him so it's a good thing the street is fairly wide. I broke right and hit the brakes, if I hadn't you would have had a dead Harley rider!

Couldn't believe it blind uphill pass on the wrong side of the double yellow. Ifthat guy survives the summer I'll be surprised!
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It doesnt sound likely he will get many more miles. Good you avoided him, woulda made for a real long day.

I am always amazed how harley guys must bow to the idol of "no gear". Its just not fashionable to wear it so they dont. Not even a helmet if the law doesnt mandate. WTH?

I have nothing against hogs, but the permeating ignorance wacked. If I have to hear one more guy tell me "yeah, I used to ride, but I dumped it" then give a laundry list of injuries from a BS low speed tip.

Wear some gear and you can walk away from 100mph get offs you genius.
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Natural selection will take of him..... one less Hardley poser to annoy people and give motorcyclists a bad name...... so long as he doesn't cause someone else to have an accident or harm someone else, it's fine by me.........
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Originally Posted by mikstr View Post
Natural selection will take of him..
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