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Vibe/chatter through clutch.....oil thinning out?

Old 10-18-2007, 09:42 PM
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Vibe/chatter through clutch.....oil thinning out?

So my bike has been at the shop for about 2 weeks now, they still have no idea what's going on. They say they can't get it to replicate the problem consistently, but I know they're not getting it up to operating temp because every time I've ridden it around, this problem comes up.

So here it is...cold it's fine. Bike warms up...not overheating, just operating temp. I get a vibration while cruising in gear...pretty heavy, through the bars. In neutral if you let the clutch out, you get a distinct chattering sensation through the clutch lever. The bike seems to run fine and has full power with zero clutch slip, even under heavy load. I've posted about this problem before and you guys gave me good advice, but I didn't have the time to deal with this so I took it to my normal shop. But after 2 weeks, I've given up hope with them.

Now here's the importants. A few weeks before this started, the bike was dropped on its right side from a stand. It hit on the offset-slider and on the footpeg, so not a big deal...unless something in the case was jarred loose. The case barely tapped the ground. Also, I'm running 10w40 Castrol semi-synthetic (non-energy conserving, but not bike oil).

Being that the problem comes on with temperature, do you think there's any *remote* chance that this oil is just thinning out SO much that it's not properly lubricating the clutch? It's only been run about 1500 miles.

I'm picking her back up in a few days and really I'm undecided on whether to crack her open, or just refill her with good oil and pray. Thanks guys.
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Old 10-18-2007, 10:11 PM
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Brooks, this is my .02 and nothing more. You say it was light drop but it could have altered the shape of the cover and you could be developing a hot-spot while you're under road conditions. Heat will thin your oil and other clattering occurs when this happens. The agenda is to find the source. Goes for a ride and stop and feel the casings to see if you can find a hot spot. Try not to get arrested during this procedure.

I know you've been working your way through this bike and it might be just another one of those PO issues that is just now coming to light.

The other procedure I like for degunking (clutch plates sticking together) is a few changes with Rotella T. Good results on my situations and if these mfers start on oil thread on this - stamp on it. I will delete my post.
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Old 10-18-2007, 10:16 PM
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I don't think it's oil related. A quick oil change would answer that anyway.

The cover could be coming into contact with clutch once things warm up.
Plate warpage that gets worse with heat.
Non-clutch issue you only associate with temps. Do you ride "gingerly" when the bike is cold and get harder on it once it warms up? I tend to do this.
Chain issue?
Carb sync.
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Old 10-18-2007, 10:33 PM
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Thanks guys. This seems to be a freak of a problem and even the shop after looking at it for several hours has given me nothing but extremely vague descriptions of possible problems...I get the distinct feeling they think it's going to be an issue and don't want to get caught in it.

superbling.....I ride gingerly pretty much all the time. When it's cold, I don't use a choke because the jetting seems to be off enough that using choke early on gives me warm stalling problems. So I fire it up, chokeless cold...and hold the revs at around 1500 for 20 seconds. Let it idle as I put my gloves, jacket, and helmet on, givving it the occasional rev, or restart if it stalls. Get my gear on after a few minutes, and proceed to ride it into the 5-6k range through the corners to get it warmed up so it doesn't cut out on decel or idle. I give it adequate idle time for oil to circulate, plus its Florida so oil never gets truly thick here.

But this problem is BLATANT, in neutral with the clutch out. I mean, obviously existent. And every time I rode it after this started ABRUPTLY....when the bike is cold, idling in neutral, I don't feel it. Only warmed up. And after riding 20's absolutely HELLACIOUSLY bad. I didn't rev it past 4k all the way to the shop because I was afraid the rpms would grenade something. But after this all started getting onto the highway, it had full power and no slippage...just a damn vibration. I also clutchless shift it occasionally but only if I'm really racing her, and even then it's only on upshifts 2nd gear and higher....don't see how it would be an issue since I use proper technique.

*Chain, front, and rear sprockets have maybe 2500 miles on the set. Chain looks fine, all the links are there, and the rear sprocket only has normal tooth wear, being it's an aluminum. No missing teeth.
*Carbs were rejetted and synched not long ago. Warm idle is fine...only tuning issues are decel and accel in low rpms...definitely tied into my airbox mods.

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well put your snorkel back in there for starters.
Then it sounds like you really need to take the clutch side cover off and have a well lit looksee. If something is loose and you keep riding it, high dollar troubles may await. Order the gasket and tell the wife she won't see you the saturday after it arrives...
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polymers are used to make multi-weight oil, as the oil heats up the polymers start to unwind and act as an oil with the weight of the second number.

i think of oil thinning as a straight weight issue or oil with LOTS of miles on it ( polymers break down ).

btw: i also use Rotella T. ( wally mart $15 gallon ) never had a problem.
( along with the 6607 oil filter $2.50 )

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