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First Time For Everything

Old 01-06-2019, 09:15 AM
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First Time For Everything

In August I was prepping for a long moto trip and a week before I was to leave I had a nasty low side. Tore my hand up (and yes I was wearing all the gear), banged my knee and strained my back tring to lift the bike. Then in early Nov. did some more (serious?) damage to my back pounding in some fence posts. Then got kicked to the curb by my significant other of eight years at Thanksgiving dinner. Have been in real pain since then.
Had an MRI done on Dec. 21st to see just how bad it is and what can be done about it. The what is still a mystery as the wheels of medical system move at galcial speed. I do know I can't live with the pain much longer.
The bike? It could have been much worse. That said I really had the thing done, mechanically and cosmetically just before the crash. No damage to the tank, wheels, frame. Bars not bent, toe piece on the shift lever (one of Jamie's) broke off clean and did not bend anything and I was able to get a replacement toe piece from him. Rashed the left case cover, left bar end, clutch lever and of course the left faring. The worst damage was to the freshly rebuilt, repacked, re-sleeved Akrapovic exhaust system. Though it could have been much worse as well. Got lucky that the hanger was just a thin piece of aluminum. It collapsed inward and saved the brand new sleeve. A little rash on the inlet cap of the muffler. I have been able get it back almost like new again. Spent about 8 hours with hammers, some trick metal working tools, die grinder, files, lots of sand paper and a buffing wheel. The worst damage was to the left link pipe. Rashed, creased and bent.
As of a year and a half ago (when I purchased the system used) I had contacted the Akrapovic factory about new sleeves and link pipes. The system was a bit beat up, especially the link pipes. The answer I received was that the sleeves were available and one side for the link pipes. I don't remember which, but I should have bought everything I could as well.
Fast forward to post crash, I spent a month of emails to Slovenia and I finally get answer, the pipes don't exist anymore. At that point I was faced with the prospect of having one custom fabricated. Not an inexpensive option. Who and where do I get this done? So while contemplating how to proceed I decide to have a go at the pipe with a hammer. I fixed them before, though they weren't anywhere near this bad. Well after about 4 hours of hammering I had the pipe back looking like something usable. The problem now was the work hardening all the hammering had done. Also because of two angles of contact with the pavement there was a crease that opened to a three inch long split. Found a welder that would do the fix the right way. That is, cap the pipe and purge the inside with welding gas. With that done I started researching how to anneal the pipe. Long story short, there was no way I would be able to do the proper annealing procedure. Googled heat treating and annealing services. Again I was lucky. Found a place in Carson City NV that does that sort of thing. I will say that the service I received, not only on the phone, but the work performed was Outstanding! Sent it off, had it back in my hand in one week. They heated it in a vacuum oven to ~2000*, then quenched in liquid nitrogen!. End of story is there is a few more details and the bike will be back on the road. Bought a new left fairing (black as red is no longer available)as the repair of the damage fairing is going to take awhile (bought a plastic welder from China Freight), and a new case cover in the second gen color as the original color is also not available.
Hopefully in the early part of the summer I will get to take a long trip, assuming my back is not a factor.
Update: Bike is completely back together and a short round the block test ride done. All seems OK. As soon as the rain dries (surprise, it's been snowing and raining here in the high desert) out I'll go for a extended ride. I will be sure to pay closer attention to patches of gravel on the turns. Careless mistake, one I won't be making again.

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Old 01-06-2019, 06:55 PM
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Damn, it really stinks reading of this misfortune. I don’t know what to say! First off, I hope you get some sort of relief with pain management. The drugs used these days are nasty! Sounds like the bike is on its way back but you are the main thing. That’s a lot to take in. If you ever need to chat, hit me up. I’m always willing.
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Old 01-09-2019, 06:44 AM
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Glad to see things are starting to move forward for you xeris. It's a New Year, and we are hopeful for the best for you in 2019!
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Old 01-11-2019, 11:11 AM
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Glad to hear your bike is sorted.

As for your back I hope that gets better as well.

I have been lucky with my back but I sneezed and hurt it Who would have thought.

Bloody painful and took weeks to get right, no medication, just time and some mild stretching exercises fixed it for me.

Good luck .

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