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Anyone in North Carolina? Need to retime the engine 99vtr

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Anyone in North Carolina? Need to retime the engine 99vtr

Old 07-08-2018, 07:53 AM
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Anyone in North Carolina? Need to retime the engine 99vtr

I haven't been on a whole lot - I've been going to doctors nonstop and I've just seen the last - they don't want to brake my back because there is no 'guarantee' it'll fix me but I've gone through 7 years of hell since my car accident May 7 2011 which broke my neck, back and left me with severe nerve damage.. I also have my court date against the person who did this to me coming up and I'll be asking the judge for the right to die as there is no hope of a treatment left and I won't spend the rest of my natural life enduring the hell I've gone through the past 7 years. I wouldn't wish it on anyone... There is one last thing to try - I have been talking to some doctors overseas and I need to send them my images to see if they can do anything - so there is a chance I'll go overseas but I haven't yet because I already stop breathing in a car sitting upright so getting a bed on the flight you can lay in during everything is costly which is why I exhausted the options here first... If they can't help me then well... that's it..

I would like to get my bike going again though - I bought new timing chain tensioners and one went in properly but I didn't rotate the cam before removing the old so it jumped... There is no compression on one of the cylinders so it could be a bent valve too - or just the timing. Because of my injuries I haven't been able to work on it or do anything with it, but after my car accident it was the only vehicle I could actually drive because I could lay down on it - I stop breathing when I'm in a car and the bouncing up / down my spine causes issues but on the bike it was ok. I'd like to ride again...

So a few things need to be done with it...
- The clutch was starting to slip quite a bit so I'll probably need a clutch basket.
- I'll need to drain the hoses and probably replace them because its been sitting for a few years.
- I'll put new oil, and gas in afterwards along with
- new coolant.
- I will also need to replace the bearing for the handlebars which I have somewhere and
- replace the throttle cable.
- I'll need to clean out the carbs too most likely - I can't recall if I turned off the gas and ran it dry before leaving it - I don't think I did.
- Retime the engine and
- ensure the timing chain tensioners are installed properly...
- Strip and repaint, maybe
- Fix some damage caused by hit and run
- maybe re-gear
- maybe turbo

I am thinking of buying one of those hydraulic lifts for bikes so its on a table - Harbor freight has them on sale from time to time for around $200 or so... I'll probably buy a sonic cleaner from them too, and I'll need a new foot-pound bar..
I am currently in NC and the bike is with me here in Hendersonville.. I have asked around and no shop near me wants to work on it because they only work on this or that so.... I'll have to do it myself and every time my brother visits he's busy with something else but he did promise to help.

If anyone lives in or around where I'm at and can help - any little bit would be a massive help - I can't pay much but I'd be happy to sponsor drinks, dinner, etc..
The main thing I need help with is properly timing the engine, and if someone has an o-scope to see if there are bent valves and if so then I'll need to order some...

Most of my tools are in SC, my hydraulic crane, and probably some of the parts, I haven't checked in a while... I would like to have it ready as soon as possible because driving up / down to Charleston puts me in bed for 3 days unable to move and I wanted to see if it'd be any different with the bike. I mention the crane because my brother and I were considering taking the motor out of the bike to have easier access but if someone knows how to do everything without doing all of that - that'd be fantastic.

If I recall correctly it is a 99 - I think I said 97 in one post ( which is the year of my Jetski ) or 98 ( which it could be ) but I'd have to double check the title...

I am interested in buying a few parts, so if they come from anyone local then I can pay a bit extra for the item for the help plus beer or whatever..
- Rear cowl, yellow is current color but if I repaint it'll be black and white or blue or something.. I think a black cowl would be better...
- maybe valves
- clutch basket - I doubt it is an air problem but the basket should be replaceable without draining everything if I recall correctly...
- maybe more.... maybe engine rebuild for turbo, who knows...

Additionally, I never got around to fixing the full on damage from when the hit and run took place - I'm honestly considering stripping the yellow paint off of everything and smoothing it out then either painting black, black / blue, black / white, or something along those lines and adding a clear coat... The fuel tank will probably be the most difficult to paint and get to looking right so I may even buy a new one...

I have been looking into turboing it too - I remember reading somewhere 140hp was all the block was good for, but then saw one with near 300... so I'm guessing stronger sleeves, etc... I also want to re-gear it as there is a chance I'll be going to Germany for additional treatment and I'd like to hit the ring before I go - I was planning on taking my car which is why I was building it up, but that's no longer an option....

Thanks in advance. Send me a PM if you're able to help..
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Sorry to hear of all your troubles.

I am nowhere near NC so can't help out but I wish you well healing and getting your bike running again.
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