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Buying used Racing Leathers

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Exclamation Buying used Racing Leathers

Hi all,

I'm planning on doing race school next year and plan on getting into track days.

Over the next few months I'm planning on stocking up on used gear.

I'm currently look @ suites and have decided to get a good suite (I think I'll save on medical bills)

Questions I have:
1. Has suite technology changed rapidly that say I should stay away from a suite that is say 10 years old ? If so where should I draw the line 4 years ?
2. What features are a must have ?
3. I think my suite size (American is 44) ... what size of a suite am I looking at. -- I'm 5'10 -- my weight varies 190-210lb over a year waist 34" to 36"
4. A few used suites I'm looking at are (wisdom really appreciated :-)

Dainese Leather Suit, Boots, Gloves
Dainese Leather Suit Boots Gloves | eBay

Spidi Suzuka Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit
Spidi Suzuka Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit Like Alpinestars Ducati Dianese | eBay

2 Piece Spidi Leather Biker Suit with Removable Shoulder Elbow Knee Pads 44in | eBay

AGV Sport Leather Racing Suits Size 48
2 AGV Sport Leather Racing Suits Size 48 & 50


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I'd go for a one piece for track use. Those are all pretty old suits, but if I had to choose, the dainese would be on the top of that particular list.

I'd keep looking myself. Try to find something a little newer, and hopefully not too used.

Nothing like *** sweat from another dude... yay!

When you get a set, take all the armour out, put it in the tub with about a half a bottle of vinegar and hot water. Let it sit to get the sweat out of it... if the water turns brown, it worked.
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@matt365 -- thanks for the info Matt,

On the matter of *** sweat -- do I get these dry cleaned ?

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No dont dry clean. Leathers are interesting. Kinda like helmets. Bigger names give you more bells & whistles but not always better protection, which can come at the cost of comfort. After 12yrs of racing my buddy got a dainese and hated it. It also was not good in a crash.

Euro stuff (dainese,spidi, alpinestars, tend to run way smaller than say teknic, agv or fieldsheer. Even if the size # is the same. Always ask the ht & wt of the rider. Tech has not changed in that leather is still what you want. Dont get an antique but beyond that age should not be an issue.

I would go for the AGV ones of what you have but check out race forums like WERA, NESBA, NESR, also gsxr & cbr forums as well as chicagoland and the BARF (bay area) forum.

I had some spidi gloves that I bought for $330 and they survived ONE racetrack crash. My fieldsheer suit and gloves is on like 7, and teknic on 4th or 5th. I do most of my own repairs though,

Make sure it has HARD armor or at least add hard stuff when you get it. Vanson stuff is indestructable but real heavy and stiff, plus pricey. I have worn and crashed over 100mph several times in my fieldsheers and teknics and still wear em. I have no road rash.

Oh, at your ht/wt you need at least a 46 or 48 in the brands I wear but add 2 sizes for dainese or spidi or euro stuff. Get a use suit since 99% of guys buy em for show & never even use em. Most seem new when you get them.

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I just looked at the price on that last AGV suit the guy only wants $150 for both. If I was on the east coast I'd drive there and pick them up even though they're Suzuki colors.
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my $.02

A recent addition to suit technology is the use of hard slider pucks in different areas like the front of the shoulder and forearm. These hard pucks are designed to slide on the ground if you land hard on your shoulder, instead of grabbing/gripping, which just leather can do. A grippy shoulder land will pull your shoulder/arm back and results in a lot of broken collar bones.

Look at the leather thickness, this will vary from different brands or models of suit. Thinner leather is lighter and more flexible. Thick leather protects better. Average is around 1.5mm. My Kobe suit is 1.7mm cowhide

Fitment: A race suit should not fit comfortably while standing up, and should be almost impossible to stand up straight. It's designed to fit in the riding position. The tightness helps keep your body immobile during a crash, and prevents limb flailing and joint overextension to a point.

I'm 6'1'', 170lbs. I first got a 44US, which was tight and I thought too short on my legs/arms. So I had them send a 46, which fit better. But the 46 was loose and had extra material around my shoulders/waist. Thinking back I should have stuck with the 44, as it would have stretched and broken in better, and been more protective.

check out Kobe leathers, 2 yrs ago I got my suit, back protector, and gloves for $500 new. Couldn't beat that used anywhere. They might still do that deal if you ask them.

My suit has 2 low speed crashes on the left, and one hard one to my left shoulder which broke my shoulder blade. It tore a seam but no roadrash. A shoulder slider puck would have kept the seam from gripping and tearing and maybe lessened my injury.

maybe that was more like $.04
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Many thanks for all the points guys,

I'm headed over there today to check out.

Thanks again.
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I'm 5'11 almost 6', 165lbs. I wear a Spidi 44 one piece, and it fits pretty tight. No way will you fit in a euro 44 suit!!! If you are riding track stick with a one piece suit, buy yourself a good back protector also. Alpinestar suits run larger than most euro suits. I can almost wear a 40! in a normal Astar suit? When it comes to suits you get what you pay for, look for used good quality suits. I have a almost 20 year old set of Kushitani's and they are still good!!! have the thickness leather of any suit I have owned, crashed in them a few times never got hurt. Ebay & craigslist are the places to look, lots of deals around right now and after the Xmas holidays. Buy the best you can afford.
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these guys used to be 'newenoughleathers' and often had good stuff (new) but a year old or poor sellers for reasonable prices especially if you didn't have one specific suit in mind. ebay often a good place too but you have to know your size. vanson used to have tons of info on their site - get some good measurements of your self and then you can use their chart to get a pretty good idea on sizing.

MotorcycleGear.com (the new name of New Enough) :: Motorcycle Jackets, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, Parts and More!
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I'm 69" tall and I have a 30" waist and I'm looking to spend about $100 for the top and $80 for the pants.

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You can also checkout cyclegear.com I just got a starter 1 piece Bilt suit for $200 brand new and its perforated so it breaths really well. Im 5' 10.5'' 185lbs and I got the 42. It fits really well. I have to squat down to take it on and off. Cant really stand up straight in it without getting a big camel toe but its not meant for walking around the park in.
I also got the boots there and some sedici gaunlet gloves. Most comfortable gloves ive ever worn period.

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