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Stock vs slip-ons vs full system

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Stock vs slip-ons vs full system

First post, and I hope I'm not beating on a dead horse. I am looking at 2 different superhawks for sale. One has stock exhaust and one has a Two Brothers full system with carbon cans. The two brothers bike is quite a long drive away, and I am trying to quantify how much its nice exhaust system means, in a practical manner. Both bikes are very clean and appear well-cared for, after talking to both owners. I have had a couple of TL1000S's and an SV650 and I had full M4, Yosh, and Micron systems on them, and I felt they helped. I've done some searching here and I've read that a full system added 9HP to the Superhawk midrange, which is hard to believe, and I have also read that the stock system is pretty good. So which is it? Keep in mind that both bikes I'm looking at have stock engines. I am not bothered by frequently repacking the carbon cans if I need to. So on a stock bike, owned by a guy who is not a fan of obnoxiously loud bikes, how much fun is gained over the stock system by a full aftermarket system? How much fun is added by a pair of decent slip ons?
Thank You!
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I dont have any back to back Dyno tests to support my WAG..
That said, IF, and only IF the full header to can exhaust system is fully support with complimentary MODs will you see any gain in HP, and Im doubtful it would by 9 HP.. due to the exhaust..
Cams, carbs, intake and exhaust work, done well together so they compliment, and get 9 HP? sure.
Just adding a full header to can exhaust and then jetting so it runs decent? NO.

A full system is rare, not many spent that kind of cash...and only a few makers produced such a system to start with..
I can say for sure, if the header and cans are in good to great shape, you could resale that system with ease and get most any exhaust system you wanted with the cash.
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I also have no tests to support my claims.
I own a '98 Hawk with a dynojet kit and leovince slip ons. My old man owns a completely stock '05 Hawk. I've ridden both extensively and there is definitely a noticeable difference between the two in the lower midrange grunt. Oh, and the '98 has over 50,000 mi, the '05 has about 10,000 mi.

If you think you will possibly want a exhaust system, It's much cheaper to buy it with the bike. If you decide you don't like them, There are plenty of people willing to trade a stock system for an aftermarket one. A full twobros system is mucho dinero.
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stock sound = ok
after market exhaust = awesome

gotta let the sound out. stock exhausts on v twins are a bit of a shame
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For what it's worth I have what I believe is a "Full System " even if it is a bit unusual in that it is a Shotgun setup. Both pipes out the right side as you sit on the bike. New Micron Carbon cans are fitted and the difference from Slip Ons is measurable.

To to be fair my bike is far from standard but , and a big butt,

I reckon the full system would be worth it just for the sound. The microns I have are Race Use Only and sound Grouse ! ( Aussie slang for great )

Let us know how you go, one last thing though.

Full systems are very rare and it may well be worth the drive to secure a bike with a full system.

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If you haven't already done so I'd do a bit of searching on the subject on this forum as I'm sure it's been touched on/covered many times over the years, as you'll get a lot more info and many more opinions/etc than you'll find just in this thread. Aftermarket parts are great to find on a bike you're buying because if nothing else you can sell them off and reduce your purchase price by that much... Roadracing World did an article way back when and said with a Dynojet kit and Erion slip ons picked up 3-5 hp across the rev range. They claimed the dyno chart looked like someone copied and pasted it 5 hp higher. I think the largest benefits/reasons for many though are sound and weight reduction, and looks. Again for me the largest incentive to buy the one with the full exhaust (make sure about the header too as people like to throw around the term "full exhaust" a lot-the easy way to tell the TBR header is a spring on the rear downpipe) besides the cool factor/rarity is the added value. I don't think the TBR header is going to really add anything on a dyno as it's basically identical to the stock header. A full header with crossover and larger diameter like an M4, Indigo,etc has been known/claimed to produce larger gains though.
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Get the Red one.
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Originally Posted by xeris View Post
Get the Red one.
Aw hell I assumed they were both red already
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