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k&n filter

Old 11-19-2008, 06:12 PM
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k&n filter

first dont flame me please. im sure this has been covered. and i have used the search option. but i got this bike a little over a week ago and the first thing i did was hit the forum here and read everything i could about this bike. a 98 with a little over 12,000 miles. so after reading i immediatley ordered the apes and ran the bike down to honda to get them installed along with valve check and oil change. long story short the machanic was really cool and had ape cct on his cbr. but he really recomended the k&n filter as a great filter for the vtr. but everything ive ever heard about k&n filters on bikes wasnt very flattering. i have read here as well that the stockers are better. so my question is how many peaple here run the k&n filter on their bike. i plan on full system exaughst in feb with a jet kit and if i was to get a K&N filter he said he would have no problem jetting the bike with no flat spots? i am pretty sure the pipes and the jet kit wouldnt necesitate a k&n but im new to the vtr.
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Sorry this may be a dumb question, but what are apes?
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APE CCT's. APE: brand name. CCT: cam chain tensioner.

as far as how well the k&n filter works, im not too sure. i was thinking about getting one myself with a dynajet jet kit as well. i have aftermarket exhaust and i love how it rides right now, but i think the jet kit would make the power a little more snappy.
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Opinions vary greatly as to the effectiveness and desirability of the K&N for the VTR. I did some checking around and elected to stick with the stock filter (with teh "Burnie Morgan mod"; see Knowledge Base section). I am also running a Dynojet kit (and numerous other mods as you can tell from my signature, some are more recent than others) and LOVE the engine's response.
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I like the amount of air that I get from the K&N, but Im just trying to working out the bugs that have developed in my carb, I am running real lean now.
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Old 11-20-2008, 12:43 AM
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K&N works fine in conjunction with dynojet kit and open race cans

AND dynorun time

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Lots of guys on this forum run the K&N filter and are happy with it. And that's fine.

I know virtually all of the folks building/tuning VTR race bikes 10 years ago reported that no matter which after market filter they tried, they couldn't make more power than with the OEM filter. The only advantage for the K&N I can see is that it is cleanable/reusable. It costs nearly twice what the Honda filter costs, which means everything else being equal, it starts paying for itself after about 24,000 miles.

If I had purchased a used VTR with the K&N and it ran good, I'd be happy. If I had a VTR with the OEM air filter (I do), I'd be sticking with the OEM filter.
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Originally Posted by markcalbar View Post
Sorry this may be a dumb question, but what are apes?
Ape Hangers
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I bought my '00 three years ago and it had a K&N air filter. I dont know how it did before with OEM, but I am happy with the K&N...
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When I purchased mine it had a K&N installed with a jet kit and stock exhaust. Ran great. Included in the sale was a full exhaust system: a TBR header and slipons. I installed the exhaust just after I bought it and it runs super. The slipons are pretty free flow, no baffles of any type but not to obnoxiously loud. There are no flat spots anywhere, and it pulls from any RPM in any gear to redline. The original owner was a track day teacher(do I sound stupid or what) and tuner so he knew what he was doing. But he had stock cct's(even replaced the front with stock), go figure. Good performance can be found with a K&N, just need to find someone who knows what they are doing.
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Originally Posted by StoneJrW View Post
Ape Hangers
LMFAO. Wow, I'd like to see the Hawk with APES!!!!
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The thing to note here that if you swap your oem filter for an K&N you will need to tune the carbs and most likely re-jet... If you don't it's very likely that your bike will run like crap...

It's timeconsuming to do right and the shop will charge you 2+ hours most likely... And the net gain will probably be in your mind only as far as bhp... but with a smoother running engine... To actually gain something you will need to open up the rear too and add a free flowing slip-on or full system...

To swap ot a dirty oem filter takes 5-10 minutes and requires about the knowledge of a trained monkey...

So either stick with the oem... or go all the way...
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i guess that settles things for me..........stock it is!!!!!!!!!!
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K&N AF 4Sale

I picked up a K&N and then decided not to install it. It is oiled & ready to go and comes with the required sub-air filter rubber block off plugs.
$40+ shpg OBO
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well im not really thinking about gaining alot i just want some sweet sounding pipes. and figured i need the carbs looked into since the bike sat so long. and im not going in to try and tune this thing ive had horrible results installing jet kits. so its off to the shop and while there in there ill have them jet it for the k&n and pipes probbally in febuary. my concern was with my katana k&n was a huge no no. i will probally put 24,000 on my bike in a year and a half commuting. so i dont want to be buying filters every year if i can help it. thnx everyone for the replies. so far i love the hawk.
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