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I'm going NUCKING FUTZ sprocket/chain ?'s

Old 01-19-2008, 06:18 AM
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I'm going NUCKING FUTZ sprocket/chain ?'s i got my new sprocket delivered yesterday. I mount everything up and count out my links twice...put on my new rear tire and.....the chain is short. my stomach drops and im like what the **** is this? am i a retard? did i count wrong? i still dont know what i did. im scratching my head over this for about 20 minutes when i look up on my sprocket and it says "45" i ordered a 43 tooth sprocket. so after i weave a tapestry of obscenities, i take my tools away and call it it quits, cause i need to get some rest.

These are my questions:

Should i return the 45 for the 43? What is the difference in them performance wise?? would i in effect be running a 15/43? or will having it all on the rear sprocket be goofy? im sitting here with a chain that is too short for the job. can i use 2 master links on one chain?? so im not throwing away 100$?

even if it doesnt last a real long time, i mean...i had to pay for the chain...

this has me feeling like a ******* idiot to the max because i didnt think ahead..., and i dont know if its because i was up for a long time (worked a 12,had court in the morning, stayed awake with the fiancee all day,took a 2 hour nap then went to work all night for another 12...real close to 32 hours in all) and my brain wasnt working right or what. I have done this several times with no problems on my R6, and one other time on the hawk.. so i dont know what gives... im frustrated and all i see is $$$ signs dancing in my head for another chain. im going to sleep....if i can. advice por favor.

in the immortal words of Homer Simpson : "D'oh!"
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Old 01-19-2008, 06:28 AM
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I think your probably gonna end up similar to 15/43...

Now since i've only put a few miles on my SuperHawk, I can not really say how the performance will change for sure, but your just talking about low end power... Basically more wheelie happy...

from my understanding, this bike is geared wrong from the beginning, as there is not enough power to make 6th gear worth a damn... I gotta tell ya, i think that the regearing will probably help that... while you essentially loose some high speed, for more wheelie power, your also regearing and potentially giving the bike the ability to power 6th better...

I know that the stunt bikes and such use HUGE rear sprockets to achive there crazy low end power, and slow speed ability... So i don't think that your going to have any issues gaining everything on the rear... However 41-45 is a pretty drastic change.... Now i haven't gotten the chance to really play yet, but i'm assuming its gonna make the front end pretty light... so more hopping up in 1st and 2nd... You would just have to relearn your trottle so your not on one wheel all the time... OR i could say, you will have to relearn your throttle so you can be on one wheel all the time... lol

Anyway... not claiming to be an expert, but there shouldn't be anything wrong with keeping it... however, if you have to buy a new chain, i would just consider sending the sprocket back for a replacement.. honestly...

OR.. there is a 15/43 combo with chain included on ebay for $139.00... whats that chain alone gonna cost? 80-100??

as for double master link?????????? i dunno... haven't a clue... sorry

oh yea, good luck with everything...
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Old 01-19-2008, 06:41 AM
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sounds like all that happened is they sent you the wrong sprocket. Ship it back and get a 43. Shouldn't cost you a cent except some time.

the 45 is going to be very short gearing and as you noted the chain is all wrong for that combo. I would not recommend combining 2 masterlinks - no experience to guide that but sounds like twice the risk of screwing up one of the rivets to me. You'll like the change to 43 fine. I can not imagine what a 45 would be like unless your goal really is the wheelie the thing most of the time.

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Old 01-19-2008, 07:41 AM
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Tired or not, the only thing "wrong" with you is that you assumed they sent you the sprocket you ordered. I would send back the 45 and get the 43 I ordered in the first place. I think using the 45 with the 16 tooth front would be close to 43/15 but you'd need the longer chain to fit it. Better to get the 43 rear, which you already paid for. If you want to lower the final drive after that, a 15 tooth front sprocket is only like $20.
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Old 01-19-2008, 07:47 AM
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A properly riveted master link is no weaker than any other link. I've even heard of bored shop guys making a whole chain out of masters..... anyway, who really screwed up here: you or the shipper? I say both; they sent the wrong item and you didn't check your order before starting work. At the very least, you should get a free additional rivet link and free shipping.

BTW, was the vendor Scumofallparts?
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Originally Posted by superbling View Post
A properly riveted master link is no weaker than any other link. I've even heard of bored shop guys making a whole chain out of masters.....

Thats what i was thinking, and what i was hoping to hear. Went to the local shop and got an additional rivet master. put it all together...gonna wait for it to stop being 15 degrees and ice/**** before i go try it out. gonna keep the 45 for ***** and giggles and have a 43 ordered. thinking of ordering another chain to have on hand...thanks all

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