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Rex Kramer-Thrill Seeker
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My phone is now possesed?

Since this,
I just had to edit my email address for my PayPal. I have been getting absolutely slammed with spam in my inbox and my phone. Apparently, someone (bot?) found my email address, used that to see my Facebook, which is public and has my phone number. I have been getting up to 30 calls a day from different numbers in the area codes 202 and 345 and some weren't even normal numbers, like 5000 and 373739. I answered one of the 202 area code numbers and a fellow with an indian accent answered and said, "This is your worst nightmare." I laughed and hung up. Downloaded a blocker app which took care of the harassing phone calls and reported every one of the numbers to the the Federal Trade Commission
I have been getting some really off the wall texts and calls. Offering property, drugs, all kinds of crap. I now use a blocker app, which takes care of the known spam numbers, but it seems I am getting hammered by new numbers that aren't known and weird short numbers.
What is bothering me, is a short number 7726, which unknown to me has been sending me texts and then my phone is sending several texts back to that number on its own, without my knowledge! The blocker app didn't do anything, because that number isn't on a spam list yet. How can someone take over my phone like that? Any tech guru's here? I never open any weird emails or text links. Even with my phone protected with anti-virus, how is this possible? I can't see what my phone has been sending this number though. Maybe it's my contact list or something personal? I really don't know.

How the heck do I go about fixing this? Any help would be fantastic. I tried looking online, but my Google-Fu sucks. The phone in question is a Moto G5 Plus.
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Never publically show your email or mobile no. on the interweb - as you've discovered there are automated webbots scraping up this info 24/7 and will turn it against you.
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Rex Kramer-Thrill Seeker
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Learning this the hard way. This is what I get for being too trusting of a person.

Still can't find out how someone can take over my phone through a text. I ran spyware and anti-virus to no avail. Apparently, there is nothing wrong. But, I can show you screen shots of several texts sent and received without my knowledge. Again, I cannot see what was in the body of those texts, which is unnerving. I can only see who it was from and when those texts were sent or received.

The only thing I found is to do a factory reset on my phone. But even that may not fix this.

One can only assume that the person involved can see this. Natural selection will take care of this person, which makes me very happy
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