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Kudos to Scorpion Helmets

Kudos and a big THANK YOU to Scorpion Sports Inc, USA!
For a little over 2 years now, I have been wearing a Scorpion Exo R2000 red Ion model helmet. It has been one of the better helmets that I've worn, considering the price point, comparable to some that I'd paid much, much more for. But, a few months ago, the air pump that inflates the cheek pads started to become weaker at doing its job. Taking many more pumps and not achieving as firm a feel as I was used to but enough to keep the helmet firmly on my head and not move around by wind buffeting. Welllllll.... 2 weeks ago, while riding home from work, on the freeway cruising at about 75-80, I felt the cheek pads deflate. Not a reassuring feeling. Pumped them back up only to feel them deflate again farther down the road.
As the helmet has a 5 year warranty, the next day I called Scorpion and talked to a very helpful lady named Elizabeth and related the problem to her. She informed me that it I would need to ship the helmet back to them, @ my cost, that it would take 2-3 days to repair once they received it and then they would ship it back, no charge. I figure, "SWEET", so I send it off to them via USPS Priority mail.
After taking 2 days longer than the post office said it would take, it finally arrived @ Scorpion. 3 days later it arrived back in my hands!
Now here's the really exceptional part, well, to my mind anyway. Not only did they fix the problem with the pump and cheek pads, they replaced the face shield, the removable helmet liner and a new chin shield thingy! Effectively making this helmet almost new. The fit is as when I first got it, if not better! All this and a rapid turn around time at no cost to me accept for the initial cost of shipping it to them, less than $20.
If any one of my fellow inmates here has thought about buying one of Scorpions products, rest assured, if you have a problem with it, they will go above and beyond what is required to make it right.
I am still blown away by their customer service, especially in this day and age when it seems like customer service everywhere is getting exceedingly ineffectual.
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Wow that's great. Nice to hear a positive experience instead of negative.

Plus that would actually make me consider them first for my next helmet just hearing this.
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Well take off, eh.
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I sold Scorpion helmets for many years. It is probably the best low end range helmet out there. Good for you.
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I'll admit to being an Arai snob, but I bought a Scorpion when I got back into riding. An EXO 700. Then they came out with the hi viz yellow and I got an EXO700 in hi via. I think they are great helmets. Especially for the cost. I wear an Arai RX-Q now.
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