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Solved MY "Stall on Throttle" issue, I think...

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Solved MY "Stall on Throttle" issue, I think...

Just want to share in case someone runs into this same situation...

Scroll to the bottom to bypass the FLUFF...

Towards the end of last summer's season, I decided to go through the carbs. I had never done this on this bike until then. You know, new experience, freshening and cleaning, piece of cake, riiiiiight? Done my '85('83) VF750F Interceptor's 4 carbs a-plenty... How hard could this be? Easy peasy... that's how hard.

And it wasn't hard at all... learned all the sequences pretty quick. Got everything all apart, thru the parts washer, blown out, put back together, installed... a couple of moments of starter/waiting for fuel from the tank... bam, idled like a champ.

I love only having to do two carbs!!!

Went to work the next morning without a hitch. 2 miles of 25mph. 3/4mile of 35mph. And another 1/4mi of 25. Yup. 3 miles. All but idled the whole way...

Left work that night. Started right up. Launched up to 25mph in a heartbeat, then I backed off. Started to throttle again... straight up stalled. Clutch was pulled by then, tried a rolling starter... worked... clutching out... stalled again. I pulled into the park and could not get her to roll again without stalling. I partly died and left her in the park that night.

Next day after work, I tried again from the park... got nowhere, in gear, with throttle. Hummmmm... So, I started her, put her in gear, clutched out with NO throttle... rolling. I idled home, literally. Torque is good. Torque is good...

So, I couldn't find anything wrong in the next teardown/re-installation. Same issue. I'm pissed but yet bewildered. So much so that I hung up the project for the off season.

YESTERDAY, I started out with a compression check, OMG sad. Anyway, moved onto trying to figure out this issue (been frustrated all this time while searching for answers).

Air filter = fine.
Plugs = fine.
Fuel delivery = fine. Even checked the petcock 'drain' nipple with vac. I was attached correctly.
Petcock diaphragm, even though I proved I had positive fuel = fine.
Petcock in tank screen filter = fine.
Loose hoses = fine.
Loose ANYTHING = FINE. (wires, bolts, nuts, etc...)
Needles = fine.

Ok ok ok ok... Taking the carbs out. Looked like I installed them right last time. Separating carbs = fine.

I went through the rear carb as far as I possibly could without special tools or destruction... Inspected EVERYTHING first. Light through every port. Blew everything out. Needless to say, 'well used, pristine'...........
Dinnertime... ooops. After dinner zonk-out.........
TODAY... Same thing, went through the front carb like the rear... I couldn't ask for better... same as the rear.

I put the carbs back together in the best time do date. Got them installed, stopping, looking, examining, moving on...

God I love the left front lower air box hoses...

Got everything back together and was riding within minutes... had to come back and get my helmet and gear tho!!! MMMIles later, I made it back home, could of kept going. Wanted to. But, I had to put my whole front fairing/headlight/mirrors/front signals back on... yeah, she was more than nekkid!!!!!!
SO, what fixed it? THIS VTR NOOOOOB.
I think I reinstalled the throttle linkage the wrong direction the first time... then the next time... You know, front is closed, rear is half open...
NOT this time. I did it right, sync linkage from bottom of front arm to top of rear arm. Or was that the other way around? Heh...

SO, If i can figure right, the front was at idle, rear at 1/2 throttle. When I gave her gas, the front would end up at 1/2 and the rear at WOT. Havoc to say the least!!!! This time when I put the linkage back on, I watched the throttle action... stupid. I readjusted the linkage to proper.

Rough lesson learned. BACK TO RIDING!!!!!!!!


\\\ Kevin............................
20170507 - Rode her just fiiine this weekend. Definitely solved!!!

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Originally Posted by Nadacop View Post

God I love the left front lower air box hoses....
Me too. When reassembling what I do is cable tie the clamp so it's loose on that hose, w long end of cable tie pointed up. Then once I wrestle the hose onto the air box I use needle nose pliers w one hand to slip the clamp up to position and wire cutter in the other hand to snip the cable tie releasing the clamp to tension the hose again.... Argh. Still a pain in the hassle but manageable.
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